About Mirakulo

Inspired by the spirit of technological innovation promoted by Brazilian Digital TV, Mirakulo is leader in the development and commercialization of software solutions for the segment, offering products that facilitate the creation of business models for Broadcast + Broadband, VoD and IPTV.

Broadcasters, TV and IPTV Operators, Video On Demand Services, Content Producers and any other business related to the Broadcast + Broadband world are our potential customers.


Mirakulo has offices in the following locations:

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Tokyo - Japan


    We were pioneers in the commercial implementation of Ginga, Brazilian standard of interactivity in DTV.

    Our main product, the AstroTV middleware, is geared towards TV manufacturers, fixed, mobile and portable receivers, being licensed in more than 30 million devices.

    We have representation in the Brazilian Digital TV Forum in the Technical, Market and Promotion modules.

  • ASO

    We are part of the ASO - Analog Switch Off, having worked closely with EAD in the specification and development of the software embedded in the digital converters that are being distributed to the beneficiaries of social programs through the ”Kit Conversor” program.


    We have extensive knowledge in the development of applications for Smart TV environment in browser and native environment.

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